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Welcome to Hamster Palace you have arrived at our comprehensive guide to looking after your hamster. Simply click the tabs on the navigation bar above to start viewing our site.

Hamster Palace contains tons of handy information about caring for your hamster giving you everything you need to know about all the different species of hamsters, including Dwarf hamsters, Syrian hamsters and even the Roborovskii Hamsters so enjoy your stay!

Hamster quote logo A very informative site, it gave me just the advice I needed thanks!

As hamsters are becoming a very popular family pet it is important to know the facts about them. Hamsters are fascinating creatures and are great to handle and play with. if you are thinking about buying a hamster or simply want to know further techniques and tips on caring for your hamster you are at the right place!

Hamster mail logo If you have any questions about your hamster feel free to contact us or post a message on our forum where we will try to provide you with lots of advice on caring for your hamster.

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Hamster Videos

We will be releasing cute hamster video footage of the Hamster Palace's star guests. If you have your own palace at home, feel free to send your pictures in by clicking here

Hamster video bullet point Roxy and Clover having fun.

Hamster video bullet point Hamster playing the Nintendo DS!


Hamster Gallery Featured! 

This is our Gallery Featured, every week four lucky hamster owners will have there hamsters shown on our front page so get that old camera out and send them In.

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